Oceanic Fleck 5600 Whole House Water Filtration System + KDF 85 | 10"x 54" Tank - 1.5 Cubic ft. of Coconut Shell Carbon (GAC)

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  • 10" x 54" inch Mineral Tank with Pre-loaded 1.5 cubic feet of a Granular Activated Coconut Shell Carbon
  • Fleck 5600 Timer valve is a reliable, user-friendly valve with advanced control. By pass valve 3/4" or 1" (Please call to request the right size for you)
  • Pre-Installed KDF 85 MediaGuard: KDF 85 High-purity media consistently removes 99% of Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide, Sulfur/ Rotten Egg Smell
  • Backwashing Carbon system for iron, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, chloramines, chemicals. Media has high surface area for maximum treatment results


4 layers of KDF55. Removes chlorine, heavy metals and contaminants.  

1. Emits an electro-magnetic field that eliminates bacteria, algae and mold.
2. GAC removes chlorine, heavy metals, organics, chemicals and pesticides.
3. KDF reduces the load on the carbon, increasing useful life up to 10 times.
4. Rugged state of the art controls. Automatically backwashes at programmed intervals.
5. No Maintenance required. Controls have a self check capability.
6. Control head will store parameters of programming for up to a year in case of an electrical outage.
7. Can be used alone for a salt free system or combines with a softener for added softness.
8. The removal of chlorine and contaminants will protect the media in the softener from chlorine and sediment.
9. Bacteriostatic media: prevents bacteria growth



1 FRB TANK 10 X 54"



1 -4 LAYER OF KDF85 MEDIA GUARD (Pre-Installed)

1" IN AND OUT FITTING (if 3/4" is needed, please let us know)

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