Dual Big Blue Water Filtration System 4.5" x 20" + Filters | Sediment & KDF 55/GAC

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Big Blue Whole House Dual Filter System:

  • Compact design, easy filter cartridge changes
  • Pressure release Valve
  • Wall Bracket
  • 1"  NPT input/output (water line diameter)
  • Filters as below
  • Housing Wrench
  • Assembly required.
This system comes with a first Sediment Filter and a second filter KDF55/GAC


Dual Whole House Water Filter 20" features:

This filter has 2 20"x 4.5" water filter cartridges that are designed for high-flow water filtration applications. Unique, wide cartridges are capable of filtering enough water for a  house, apartment or  office.

  • First Filter Cartridge is a 5 MICRON SEDIMENT FILTER 20"X4.5"

         Sediment cartridge filters are primarily used to remove silt, sand or other particulate matter from water. 

  • Second Filter Cartridge KDF55/GAC 4.5 X 20"
  • REDUCES chlorine taste and odor, water-soluble heavy metals, and controls scale, bacteria, and algae in your water.
  • KDF is a patented medium that consists of high purity copper-zinc granules that use redox (exchange of electrons) to effectively reduce chlorine and heavy metals as well as controlling micro organisms in potable water.
  •  4 LBS OF KDF55
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