800 GPD Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System Plant Water Point 1:1

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800 GPD direct flow reverse osmosis plant water point 1:1.5

800 GPD direct flow reverse osmosis system
Sewage/water ratio 1: 1.5-2 G
Maximum yield with 2 - 2.3 litres per minute at 77 ° F water temperature
This system can run up to 6 hours at a time because of the extremely powerful pump

The revolution in the reverse osmosis market, a system according to the Direct Flow principle and at the same time ensuring high retention rates is hereby available.

This innovative system does not require tank. The water is cleaned at the moment of removal in four stages. The risk of microbial contamination in the tank is thus excluded.

This new system uses only high quality Quickfittinge (no Jaco fittings), as well as special preliminary filter housing with double sealing ring are easily manually. production takes place under a certified quality management according to ISO 9001:2000.

Five filtering levels for clean pure water
    1st level: coarse filter/sediment filter,
        Grade of filtration 5 micron (for removing coarse particles such as such as sand, rust, chlorine and lime particles)
    2nd level: activated carbon block filter 5 Micron: removes chlorine and organic contaminants
    3rd level: filter GAC/UDF

    4th level: Membrane 800GPD, 0.0001 µm: Removes all taste substances and pollutants
    5th level: charcoal coconut shell

Scope of supply:
    • Reverse osmosis unit JG 800 GPD comercial
    • 3 pre-filter (2 sediment filter 5µm + 1 µm, activated carbon block filter 5µm)
    • 1 high-quality TFC membrane 800GPD suitable in 3313 membrane housing
       (Model: TW30-3013-800 HN - JCM model "Big")
    • Atkivkohlefilter
    • integrated pressure booster pump for optimal performance
    • 1 transformer ERP 2 max. 0.5 Watt
    • with various taps available
    • Filter and membrane wrenchs
    • Hoses 3/8 "and 1/4" size

Caution: this system is supplied without a faucet.

Performance and quality of the pure water of the JG 800 GPD comercial depends on the water quality of the tap water.
  such as temperature, conductivity, hardness, and Ph. A pure water with a conductivity of approx. 5-25 is ppm ppm possible for an average tap water of about 250.

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