3-Stage 20" Whole House Big Blue Well Water Filtration System 1" FPNT Inlets w/Sediment, Carbon Block, and KDF 55 /GAC Filters

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  • Complete System - Mounting Bracket, Big Blue Housings with 1" In/Out, Housing Wrench, 12 Screws , 2 Nipples, Filters: Sediment Filter, Granular Activated Carbon + KDF 55 Filter, Coconut Carbon Block Filter. Assembly Required. DIY Installation - Simple in/out connection and installation instructions allow most home owners to install these systems on their own.
  • Standard-flow System - Designed for homes with 2-4 bathrooms. 1" Connection - Large NPT connection for minimal flow restriction. 20" Big Blue Filters - 4.5" diameter Big Blue filters outperform standard 2.5" filters.
  • Pressure Release - Provides simple pressure let off to reduce water spray when changing filters. Sediment Filter - Removes sediment and particulates, providing cleaner, clearer water.
  • Energy Friendly - Non-Electric whole house water filter system. Does not require electricity and NO waste water!
  • Filters Size : 4.5" x 20" | Simple Assembly Required. Designed for City Water with Chlorine and Heavy Metals

Removes a wide range of contaminants with a single system! the 5 - 10 micron sediment and carbon filters used in this system are capable of removing sediment, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, organics, MTBE, and THM. The added GAC filter ensures that tastes, odors, and chemical are removed that my have gotten through the carbon block filter due to high contaminate levels. It also removes most other chemicals, tastes and odors, and is an excellent system for general filtration. The three canister system provides cleaner, safer water without electricity or waste water. These 20 inch high flow inch big Blue" filters (larger 4.5 inch diameter) provide even more surface area and fewer flow restrictions than standard sized filters (2.5" diameter) or 10 inch big Blue systems, allowing for even higher service flow rates.

Instructions to DIY Assembly: -Align lids so that the flow goes from "In" to "Out" (Very important to make sure that the flow is all going in one direction)
-Connect them with the provided nipples (Use Tephlon Tape to avoid any leaks)
-Align the Mounting bracket over the lids and use the provided screws to attach.
-Place the the filters in each canister, rotate to attach to lids, and you are set!
Water flow should go through Sediment first, then GAC, and lastly the Carbon Block.

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